Running here is difficult. The air is dry, the terrain is hilly, and the elevation is much higher than my hometown in the States. I ran four miles at an easy pace and almost chucked my donner kebab by the end. I wouldn’t have finished, except for the three women pushing me on. It’s easy to get frustrated. I can’t run, I get lost, and I don’t speak the language so I can’t do things by myself. I’m like a child right now. Running should be something I can do regardless of my other shortcomings, but it too will require perseverance and training. I need a “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster in this country. Keep calm, I ate pig’s cheek today. Carry on, nothing is open when you need it to be, so find something else to do. Perhaps the perseverance I need in running will transition into my life here. Carry on, up the next hill, through the next conversation. Keep Calm, there’s a water fountain there, there is grace here. I don’t have to speak perfectly. The people here are helping me learn. I have time to set up my life here. I have time to wander this city and learn its alleyways and plazas. I can pace myself, and persevere. The next time I run I will probably feel less like throwing up at the end. I will be a little more hydrated before I go. I will be stronger from all my walking. I will keep calm and carry on.


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