Cinnamon Apples/Manzanas Canela

First, make sure it’s kind of cold out. Then give yourself a quiet afternoon.

Turn on some music. I recommend The Lumineers or something folk.

Sit in a kitchen chair with about 4-5 apples and begin slicing and dicing in even chunks.

The chunks go in a medium saucepan. Take your time. It takes longer if you can’t find the cutting board, and the knife you have has a bent tip.

Finish cutting the apples at the same time the album ends.

Put about 2in of water in the bottom, a little bit of butter, a little sugar and a lot of cinnamon. Also a pinch of salt.

Stir it around, and put the pot on medium heat.

Continue to relax for the next hour. Stirring occasionally.

Patience is key. You may have to add more cinnamon or water or a touch of milk.

Keep it simmering. Keep tasting, and wait until the apples are good brown, and only a third or less of the apples are still holding shape.

Spoon some out in a bowl, and jar the rest for later.

Enjoy the music and smell of home for the day. Let it seep into your bones.


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