Thanksgiving/Día de Acción de Gracias

I didn’t write a Thanksgiving post. The holiday is one of my favorites, but writing about it only twisted the knife of being far away. And I felt like I was lying because I wasn’t very thankful for much. As hard as I tried I couldn’t pull myself into a spirit of gratefulness. But a few weeks have passed and the horror of culture shock is wearing off. While being truly thankful is still not a constant companion or anything, I do find that I like things that are different or specific to Spain. I am hoping these things and the hard stuff can become fruits of thankfulness.

    • Milk. It tastes good/different.
    • Walking. Not having a car.
    • Learning Spanish.
    • Pinchos.
    • Cafes.
    • Fashion.
    • The Plaza
    • Dogs. Well behaved beautiful dogs…
    • Street musicians
    • Boots (warm, cheap and guay)
    • En Vivo
    • Teaching fun English expressions to people
    • Learning new cultures
    • Parque de Jesuitas (this is a beautiful park)
    • Wind

I also like the fact that I have time to make this place my home. It won’t all happen at once. Poco a poco.


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