what this is all about

I live in Spain these days. Salamanca to be precise. I never thought I’d end up here. I never thought I would enjoy writing. I never thought I would want to take a chance being melodramatic or cheesy or the myriad of other things this blog tends to be. But winding ways have brought me to the “never thought I’d…”, and I wouldn’t want it another way. The truth is, I can’t not be here. Words are inadequate to describe my feeling on the matter, but I don’t find myself brave or silly or careless for going to Spain–I just find myself prodigally paddling with an inevitable Current.

I work at this place called En Vivo. We are a place for Spanish students to come and be loved for who they are, where they are. We are a place for them to ask questions about meaning and being. There’s more to it than that, but then we are entering a different arena than what this blog was made for. If you want to know more, post a comment that says “En Vivo Info, please.” We’ll figure out a way for you get information.


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