Salamanca is an ancient city. Warring tribes lived here before the conquering Romans. It has been passed down from civilization to civilization. From war to economics to academia, Salamanca has been the heart of many of man’s vices. Now, it moves with the quick feet of the young university students, and the slower, more practiced steps of the people who claim it as their own. They stroll on the cobbles, passing by the Old Cathedral, built in the 12th century. They see the 800 year old university change and grow. They live Salamanca’s arid climate. The air makes for freezing winters and hot summers. The wind in Salamanca whips their faces and chaps their hands, but it never keeps them from going to the Plaza Mayor at night. The baroque architecture is lit up, and the plaza bustles with rendezvous at cafes and tapas bars. After a 10 o’clock dinner, the students are still going out, and won’t return to their tiny apartments until 5 or even 7 in the morning. Looking out at the city is a story: A tapestry of the Celtic tribes that first settled here all the way to the student I am meeting for coffee soon. The building and the streets and the wind all carry a piece of the many lives that pass through this city. This is Salamanca. This is where I live.


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